PSA tools and its role in Managed Services Operations

PSA tools and its role in Managed Services Operations

Long term Business Stability and Success depends on process continuity and automation. It`s always better to delegate routine operations to managed service providers who further conduct these through various software tools, applications and high-end technologies. This way Business owner can focus more on strategic plans and pursuits.
PSA (Professional Services Automation) is one such tool which helps streamline operations and enhance efficiency. It is being widely used by many IT solution providers. Without PSA, a servicing industry would be handcuffed in it’s strive to scale further.
Available as Hosted or Software offered as a Service; it is often mistaken as a glorified Helpdesk Application. Though it does contain Helpdesk functionality, yet it is much more than it. It won`t be wrong to describe it as an operating system for MSP operations. It acts as a key repository for all process information, client data, assets and inventory, billable time etc.
As it is said, “What can be measured can be managed”. This is how A PSA tool pays off an MSP. It aids in measuring all aspects of a business like the exact time you may spent on a project, its profitability and the areas for improvement. This is called “Service Intelligence”.
An Effective PSA provides:
  • A CRM System
  • A Knowledge Base Component
  • A Project Management Component
  • A Scheduling Component
  • A Dispatching Component
  • A Time & Expense Tracking Component
  • An Inventory Control Component
  • An Asset & Resource Management Component
  • A Service Request or Trouble Ticketing Component
  • A Change Management Component
  • An SLA Management Component
  • An Accounting System
  • Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Robust & Customizable Reporting
Enhancing Managed Services with a PSA tool is undeniably a worth investment. The features offered are vital for your Businesses growth.

While choosing the right PSA, you need to:

  • Analyze the suitability for your particular business model
  • Calculate Cost and ROI
  • Estimate Implementation, Training and Deployment time
  • Analyze Meaningful reporting capability
  • Test Vendor support quality

In nut shell, A PSA tool is the backbone of all MSP Operations which can give an edge to your Business.



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