Does Follow The Sun model works well for MSP's?

What is Follow the Sun Model?

                 Follow The Sun Model (FTS) is a method in which the workload is distributed to companies located across the world. The aspect of varied time zone makes the 24/7 support easier. This method is adhered to, by many managed service providers in various countries. Follow the Sun model is of great use to managed service providers, because it simplifies the workflow and at the same time reduces delays. There are many advantages involved in adopting this model,

        The main advantage of FTS model is support availability. It provides support whenever the customer is in need of it. It ensures increase in productivity levels, which consequently leads to company’s growth.

Customer Satisfaction
        This model ensures customer satisfaction since it ensures support is available 24/7.

        It reduces the time period involved in completing a project since the work is done round-the-clock across the globe.

Peer Review
          Frequent peer checking enhances quality. Peer review can be achieved in many other ways but the turn around time in this model is a real advantage and thus it enhances the quality of the work done.

Cost Reduction
          It reduces software licensing costs. In certain situations, the cost of software tools equals a significant proportion of the project cost. This is often true for Managed Service Providers. There is a possible way to distribute the license costs over more than one-time zone thereby reducing the total number of licenses required. 
FTS can be implemented when one needs to create a global team. It can be implemented even while trying to forge stronger links between two businesses. Irrespective of its complexity, follow-the-sun model is widely accepted and successfully implemented by most of the Managed Service Providers.



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